Your safety is important to me. I will be taking the following precautions to reduce the spread of the coronavirus:

  • Given I have an assessment practice, traffic through my office is minimal (only a few clients per week).

  • I will be asking clients to remain in their car and arrive at the building no more than 5 minutes before their appointment time, to avoid them spending unnecessary time in the waiting area.

  • There is ample room in the waiting area for clients to be socially distanced.

  • I will wear a mask at all times unless requested by the client and we are seated at least 2 metres apart, 

  • Psychological testing requires that your child and I be closer than 2 metres apart.  We will be separated by a plexiglass screen,.  Clients over 12 will be asked to wear a mask, and I will wear a mask, except at those times when it is essential that we be able to see each others mouth movements.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance to the building, in the waiting area, and in my office. There is also a bathroom for handwashing within easy access of my office. I will wash hands between clients and will be asking clients to wash their hands prior to entering my office.

  • I will be asking your child to use hand hygiene throughout the testing before and after they have to touch any materials.

  • Waiting room chairs, table surfaces, doorknobs, pens, and other commonly touched surfaces will be sanitized before clients arrive and after they leave.

  • My tissue and waste bin is available, and will be regularly emptied and sanitized.

  • There are no shared materials in the waiting area (e.g. magazines, books, toys, art supplies).   Any materials used during the testing will be sanitized before client arrival and after. 

Thank you for your cooperation with these measures.

Image of happy child after psychological assessment